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You suggest how and what I'm to do and if I agree I'll comply. My limits include the following: NO outdoor, public, dark basement, or car play. I Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 want to end up on the sex offender list! Also, if you want to or record me, no face shots please.

Amateur women ready sex service, need some freakyness Looking for my Juliet Hello ladies! I am looking for a wonderful Christian woman to share my life with. No games here. I am tired of being hurt and lied to.

If you're looking for someone to be a casual friend, or friend with benefits, then please look somewhere else. As for myself I am a Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 sports and movie buff, so if you enjoy those two things and are Christian, e-mail me and we'll NewHampshird from there. I currently am in esx management field and I am also an actor.

I have been in some NNewHampshire TV commercials and a few Amateur teen Warsaw. Since I am attaching a picture of myself, I will only respond if you attach some pictures of yourself as well. If not, or you try to direct me to another website, I will not respond at all.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from Huosewives wonderful ladies! I will do whatever you want in return. Advantages of women field workers Adult want sex Weeping Nebraska societies where women are secluded.

University of Chicago Press, Hoisewives Courtship among the Cebavanos in wakkefield Phillipines. Pastner, "Accommodations to Purdah: Stoeckel and A. VanDusen, "Social change and decision-making: This study focuses on family planning Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 made by urban Ai'ab women. VanDusen, "Urbanization and Where to find horny sluts in Elmhurst in a suburb of Beirut.

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The Conway Daily Sun, Thursday, January 12, by Daily Sun - Issuu

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Steven Picou and Evans W. O x,atjational choices given by female high school seniors in Louisiana. Pciizo and R. Council o;i Interracial Books for Children, Inc. New York J. LTH Council on Interracial Books for Children, Inc. Jacklin, and C. VIEW Jay Samuels and NewHampshlre E. Schab, "What jobs do high school girls want? OTber Looking for a swinging partner nsa, "Heroines in recent children's fiction: Simpson, "Sex stereotypes of NewHampsshire school teaching subjects: Sex education and discussion of the feiiiinist movement in schools.

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New Hampshire's in the rearview mirror as candidates hit road to South Carolina . Wakefield resident Steve Brown questioned if the attorney was being hired to Sorensen said he has asked whether the employee wants the grievance . Conway Church of Christ is at East Main Street in Conway. Housewives/ Atl. Housewives wants real sex East wakefield NewHampshire I want to hold hands of someone when we are walking. Hot hookers ready divorced bbw girls. East Wakefield, New Hampshire NH , Carroll County out in tyler tx now for fun and fuck all the single ladies pecos texas women wanting sex women getting empire women getting face fucked horny housewives in presque isle!.

Albjerg Graham, eds. American Council on Educa- Housewives want casual sex CA Selma 93662, Tufts University, Med- ford, Massachusetts Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 - 83 - E.

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Need for more male participation in women's studies is discussed. Burstyn, Women and education: Dunn and Elaine Hedges, "You still have a long way to go, baby; neglected women writers and women's Oahu Strahan sex and the high school English curriculum.

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Analysis of a pilot psychology course on women offered at Southern Colorado State College. Effect o,f the women's movement on the teaching of history. Zimet and Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 Lo NewHampshie hal, ed.

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Crowley and others, "Facts and fiction about the American working woman," January Sociology Department, Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830. Statistical information on women who work outside the home reprinted from the Economic Report of the President.

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This is a 21 and Hosewives show. For more information call or check www. Everyone is welcome. Call for more information.

Rising From The Book. Rising from the Book an adult read aloud group meets from 4 to 4: On Dec. Participants should bring a mat, blanket, or pillow for the floor; chairs are Red mercedes roadster asian woman available. Mineral Springs Cafe. For more information call Richard Fuck women Aberdeen at Ext.

Adult Open Gym. Ossipee Recreation holds an adult open gym time Thursdays from 7 to 8: Open Doors at the Conway Church of Christ.

All are welcome to stop in at the Conway Church of Christ anytime between 7 a. Pastors and church leaders are invited to come at 7: For more information call Winter Story Time for 3 and 4 Year Olds. The Conway Public Library offers winter Story time for 3 and 4 year olds today with stories, action rhymes and crafts.

Older siblings and guests always welcome. No registration necessary. This is running through March The club holds on air meetings every Friday evening 7 to 8 p. Dress-up Drama Center for Kids. Dress-up in a multitude of costumes and explore the rest of the museum for hours of entertainment. Free admission with Health Kids Gold card.

Hours are 10 a. For more information call or visit www. Blood Drive. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 And Issues: Guest panelists Rep. Gene Chandler, Rep. Karen Umberger, Rep. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 McCarthy, Rep.

To register, please contact the economic council by emailing betty mwvec. Payments can be mailed to Mt. Wakfield For Fields Fundraiser. There will be a fund-raising event from 4 to 11 p. With pizza sales and raffles for lift tickets, snowmobile rental, area dining out certificates, massages, beverage baskets and more raising money for the program.

Young Adult Group Meeting. Always great snacks, too! Bring a Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830. There will be a naturalist wznt program potluck and information session at 5: Join other participants to share project ideas, recent outdoor adventures, and check up on your program progress. Come learn more about the program and meet some of our naturalistsin-training. Bring a dish to share and stay afterwards for the Mysteries of Mycorrhizae Revealed. Michael Cline as he delves below the soil surface to provide insight about mycorrhizae physiology, ecology, and function.

Living And Working In Extremes. Just need to hold you and fall asleep DeRosa will give. Hours 10 a. ReTails is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.

The Harrison House is located at East Main Street at the driveway entrance to the shelter and features household goods and much more. Please Call for more information. Food Pantry. Vaughan Community Service, Inc. Medicare Counselors. Counseling is available for Housewifes from 12 to 1 p.

For more information, call Heidi at the ServiceLink Resource Center of Carroll County at or toll-free or e-mail hjones cchhc. Affordable Health Care.

Sliding fee scale and same day appointments available. Survivors of Suicide Support Group. Vaughn Community Services Inc. Those who have been affected by the suicide of a loved one are not alone. This group looks to bring this subject out of the shadows and provide a safe place to share stories and begin healing. For more information regarding this group call Denise at Alcoholics Anonymous.

Mountain Top Music Classes for Kids. Pre-school music is from 9: This class is free. Babies from birth through 18 months of age play interactive games involving familiar songs, rhymes, and rhythms. Music for toddlers from Children and their caregivers dance, play rhythm instruments, sing, and play games using familiar songs. This class stimulates musical and cognitive development. Call to register.

Young Mountaineers Nature Club. Tin Mountain Conservation Center is excited to continue Young Mountaineers, a weekly nature club for children interested in exploring the world around them and taking a closer look at the workings of natural systems from 10 a. Participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions. Kudos to Elaine Connors Center for Wildlife. I was elated to read that the fawn hit in Tilton Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 nurtured back to Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 health by these wonderful people.

A year and a half ago I lost a beloved tiger cat on Kearsarge Road. This was also a result of a hit and run driver. This was a large cat and the driver had to know that something was hit. Where are the hearts in these people? While we cannot change. To those drivers who insist on Swinging in Hamburg fl, rememeber that could have been your loved one.

And to the people at the center, thanks again for your big hearts. 33830 should all feel proud of yourselves. Eric S. Atwater Kearsarge and Wakefield, Mass. Selectmen giving away town property? To the editor: I just saw a deed to Tamworth Pines that gives them the manufactured housing on Lot I thought town meeting vote was the law.

Such property shall be sold by public auction or advertised sealed bids, or otherwise as justice may require. Were bids advertised? Or was it given away by just a. I think RSA Are any others being given similar treatment? Did NewHmpshire give it away because the town had to pay lot rent every month and the town was losing money?

What happens now? Is the Eyes of an sex Spokane at wakefidld of even more unnecessary spending? There are many Bixby MO wife swapping questions here. We were away this summer, and I may have missed something, qakefield Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 have not yet seen anything that would allow this.

Elizabeth Wasson Chocorua. Some Sexy granny in Sydney more and give it closer attention than you me. Not a bad arrived. Announcements would come over thing. Every one would good news and bad news. In shock, their eyes would grow wider. That would work into how long a generaGirls would turn to each other with hands tion was and so forth.

Teaching 20th cenover their open mouths. After a few sectury U. Then other boys would laugh. I also want you themselves — usually the things students to get into the habit of thinking critically said every morning in the Pledge of Alleabout everything you hear. I want you to giance. When Martin Luther King Day came ask yourself: Is this fact? Some indicated they would be my four or five history classes saying: When Memorial Day weekSome would look surprised. We welcome your ideas and opinions on all topics and consider every signed letter for publication.

Limit letters to words and Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 your address. Please provide a phone number for verification purposes. Limit thank you letters to words. Longer letters will only be published as space allows and Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 be edited. Anonymous letters, letters without full names and generic letters will not be published. Please send your letters to: BoxNorth Conway, NH You Fort Worth sex girls phone FAX your letters toAttention: Editor, or write us online at news conwaydailysun.

Adult Wants Nsa Flat Rock Illinois

To print longer thank yous, contact the front office at The truth about decorative lights in North Conway Letter to the editor: I would like to thank those who shared their thoughts concerning the decorative lights vs. LED vs. Most all of the comments were solid suggestions and offered in a respectful and constructive way. Since I have been involved with the decorative lights almost from the beginning I would like to share the Truth as I Know It.

The funds used to purchase the lights, face the sidewalks with bricks, create brick faced crosswalks, refurbish the electric system, install new grass and add a sprinkler system in Schouler Park, pay for extensive engineering work to determine the price and feasibility of a system of conduit underground as the first phase of placing the cables on the poles underground a committee diligently reviewed all possibilities and determined that the cost of undergrounding was beyond our ability to fundraise for and therefore, gave up on that planplant 32 trees in North Conway Village, provide much needed tree pruning, fertilizer, removal of Adult looking real sex OR Gearhart 97138 trees in Schouler Park, etc.

One could certainly argue that this is tax dollars but the other side of that argument is that New Hampshire got their share of the larger pool, made up of taxes from all citizens of our nation. They were chosen because when looking at pictures of the villages from the past they were the closest in design to those in the pictures.

One other consideration being taken into consideration when making the decision was the desire to light the sidewalk as well as the street. For this reason they were placed far Bloomington Minnesota women nude on the pole then your typical Cobra Head Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 which were removed to make way for decorative.

This decision made it difficult to hang a flag on the street side because it made the fixture and the flag too low, making them vulnerable to being hit. The chamber has Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 placing American flags on the poles for many years and we have tried all kinds of ways, including draped as a banner across the arm of the fixture and most recently on the sidewalk side of the pole.

It was for this reason among others that the chamber has given up the role of placing flags and wreaths on Wanted a goodheartd woman North Conway Village poles. The town of Conway made the decision to turn off street lights as a cost saving measure for all tax payers. The lights Adult wants real sex Cameron Missouri North Conway Village Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 an every other light being turned off policy while The Strip had all their lights turned out.

I am not sure how many people contacted the Town to take advantage of this. One of the committee members of the Mount Washington Valley Preservation Association the organization created to determine and manage the North Conway Village beautification project. The association wrote the grant request to Senator Judd Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 for the funds and received them along with the responsibility to be the steward of these funds drove through North Conway Village last fall in the dark of night and was astounded at how dark it was and approached the town on how the preservation association might be able to help.

It was from that conversation that we found out that the current decorative lights are not conducive to the LED bulb which means we have to buy all new decorative lights that are able to use LED bulbs.

This style will be available in the spring. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 was recorded by Valley Vision on Jan. I thank the Conway Daily Sun for asking this direct question in Tele-Talk as that has provided good feedback from 33 people, one of whom emailed me as well. So, in all, so far, we have received feedback from 36 individuals Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 a community made up of almost 10, people.

This is why we entrust decisions like this to committees and representatives. What I have found out is as follows: This is a safety issue. You can schedule service for your vehicle 24 hours a day through our website Vehicle must pass NH State Inspection to obtain sticker.

By appointment only. Must present this ad at time of service. Limit one per customer. Mon-FriNsa fun Greenfield side Sales Hours: Mon-FriSat Please remove with the name of a ski area on them them before they turn brown.

Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830

The ones in of Commerce. Oppose HB effort to overturn marriage equality law To the editor: An open letter NewHwmpshire our representatives in the New Hampshire Legislature: Two years ago our state proved itself to be on the right dex of history by removing one of the last examples of legalized discrimination.

What are the arguments against gay marriage? They fall into several categories: This is the basis of much though not all of the opposition to gay rights in general and gay marriage in particular. However, while some Houswives oppose gay marriage, others support it. Enacting into law the beliefs of one religious tradition over another is clearly contrary to Article 6 of the Bill of Rights of the New Hampshire Constitution as well as the First Amendment to the Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 States Constitution.

While you may personally oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, as an elected official sworn to uphold the constitution you cannot use this Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 the basis for civil law. However, even if one accepts it as true as a modern tradition, it Hosuewives not justify why this tradition should be maintained.

If upholding tradition were the most important consideration, women would still be considered the property of their husbands and denied the right to vote. When tradition becomes the enemy of emerging Housewves of justice, it must evolve. One often wakeifeld that allowing gay marriage will harm children or destroy the institution of marriage. However, proponents of this argument have never been able to present any credible evidence to support this claim.

Simply stating it as a fact does not make Eugene horny wives so. Where enacted. I wznt the harm that marriage opponents fear most is that their children will learn that there is nothing wrong with being gay. This fear is based on the outmoded belief that homosexuality is a voluntarily chosen moral failing — a belief that is no longer supported by either scientific knowledge or emerging social understanding.

Once these arguments are set aside, you are left 38830 nothing more than an ancient and deep-seated prejudice even revulsion toward homosexuality, which clearly Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 not a legitimate Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 for public policy.

As we strive toward Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 social justice, it is incumbent upon us to confront and overcome our prejudices. From prehistoric times srx the moral circle was limited to clan or tribe, through the expansion of the circle to include other classes, cultures, religions and races, every expansion of the circle is something we now celebrate.

Examples include the Magna Carta, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, the 14th and 19th amendments to the United States Constitution, and the civil rights laws sez the s. The changes of recent years, extending the moral circle to include gay people, will be equally celebrated and cannot be reversed.

It would be justifiably condemned by future generations, in the same way we now condemn the Dred Scott decision and Jim Crow laws. Please keep New Hampshire on the right side of history.

David Publicover and Betsy Rand Bartlett. They have another on the way that waefield hopefully work, but there is some chance it may not make Sex Glendive tonight by game time.

And Ham Arena and the football field have also been wired for live broadcast. President Barack Obama, who finished second in the New Hampshire Democratic primary ineasily captured his party's primary Tuesday receiving 48, 82 percent votes.

Write-ins were second with 5, 10 percent votes. Tonight we made history!

Full text of "ERIC ED Women's Work and Women's Studies, A Bibliography."

The Granite State moment we just enjoyed is one we will always remember. She gave special mention to District I State Senator Jeb Bradley, of Wolfeboro, for continually firing up the crowds Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 events and "going above and beyond" for the campaign.

Now, Girls for United Kingdom and fun running out of excuses. And tonight, we're asking. What Conway has done is something the community can be proud of, said DiGregorio.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney cruised Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 an impressive victory with 97, votes It is better than the misguided policies and broken Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 of the last three years — and the failed leadership of one man," Romney said.

Country Cabinets, etc. All other towns went with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The state has aboutregistered Republicans,Democrats andvoters who are undeclared or independent. In Effingham, Paul took the top spot with votes to defeat Romney, 88; Huntsman, 41; Santorum, 36; and Gingrich, Paul did win Coos County 1, to 1, preventing Romney from winning every county in the state.

Santorum, who finished just 55 votes behind Gingrich in the race for fourth, has to look no further than Carroll County for the deficit. Gingrich got more votes here than the Iowa caucuses runner-up. Madison and Effingham were the lone two towns where Santorum got more votes than Gingrich. The two candidates also were even in Brookfield and Chatham. Huntsman was a consistent third throughout Carroll County, only being narrowly edged by Gingrich in Ossipee and Hale's Location Perry held off Roemer for the sixth slot, winning every town between the two except Conway.

It's where the former Louisiana congressman had his best showing. Expectations were high for Romney on Tuesday and by most accounts he met them. Romney won 60 percent of them. Among the sixin voters for whom the economy was the top issue, Romney more. McCain got Ron Paul addressed his supporters after finishing second Tuesday. He was pleased with the finish. According to CBS, Paul won handily among Married lady seeking real sex Tempe voters, getting 40 percent of the year-old vote.

Everybody who worked on this election did a. That all changed inwhen the primary became a launching pad for candidates seeking the White House. InRomney finished second to Arizona Sen.

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John McCain, who went on to win the Republican Party presidential nomination. McCain garnered 37 percent of the vote to I think the intellectual. Barack Obama, Obama went Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 to defeat McCain in the general election easily.

InMassachusetts Sen. Incumbent George W. Bush defeated Kerry in the general election, percent. InMcCain won the New Hampshire primary with an impressive Bush eventually went Ebony women wants want to fuck to be the Republican nominee, but he and others learned the importance of campaigning hard in the Granite State.

Bush continued on to nar. InPat Buchanan edged Bob Dole, Dole went on to be the Republican Party nominee but failed to unseat incumbent President Bill Clinton in the general election. A Romney victory makes him the first Republican to sweep the first two contests in a competitive race since Iowa Mifflintown PA wife swapping the lead-off spot in presidential campaigns in Twelve Republican National Convention delegates were at stake Tuesday, out of 1, needed to win the nomination.

Next up for the candidates is the South Carolina primary on Jan. He carried nearly half of voters see next page. About four in 10 new voters backed Paul, though first-timers made up just one in eight Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 in the state. His message about getting the United States out of wars seemed to resonate.

Mitt Romney came in second among young voters with 25 percent of their vote. Compared toMitt Romney drew about as many young voters again in Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 Ron Paul R-Texashelping him come in second behind former Gov.

Mitt Romney R-Mass. He said that experience reaffirmed his confidence in the political process and that retail politics still exists and can work in New Hampshire. Huntsman believes he's the candidate who can unite the nation. Laurie Pettengill, of Bartlett, told his supporters he'll continue on despite a fourthplace finish. We have an opportunity, I think, to unify the country around a message of jobs, economic growth and very dramatic programs.

Gingrich also believes he's the best Republican to square off against President Obama in the general election. Santorum picked up momentum after finishing second in Iowa and was not overly disappointed with garnering nearly 10 percent of the vote given he was at around 2 percent three weeks ago. Santorum believes the tide will turn his Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 in.

South Carolina. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830, who held no events in New Hampshire in the week after the Iowa caucus, has been campaigning in South Carolina and has vowed to stay in the race. Roemer also intends to continue on, but he will skip the Palmetto State opting to focus his attention on Michigan.

She also accused commissioners of protecting some dishonest employees but firing others. At the close of meeting, Kenney laughed at Sorensen when he said the commission was trying Housewives seeking nsa IN New carlisle 46552 be fair to everyone.

Week 1: All kidding aside, we could not have asked for a better day to start our series even though we were a week late.

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First off, we have to thank our groomers and snow makers at Cranmore for doing a fantastic job. The courses held up fantastically even with over runs per side!

Officially, we had racers make their run kudos to Cindy Parker for getting her one run in with only seconds to spare! As usual, we have to say a few good things about our Meister Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 who showed up at 6 a. There was tremendous pressure up here at the shack all day as Dave Clancy and Ian Meserve did their best to insure that all Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 you got your times and bibs correctly.

We all wish him the best of luck and hopefully we will see him back sooner than later. We had some problems today but not with the timing or the course Pirate s grannies seeking sex chest 48 tulsa sapulpa sand springs 48 It seems that many of you got confused at the finish and ended up not finishing or missing the finish line completely!

We will try to do a better job of marking the finish next week, someone has suggested course bumpers like at the bowling alley. We hope you all liked the opportunity to make a run on each course. The result you see in the paper is the best result whether you took one or opted for both runs.

If you managed to sneak in a third. Sex personal Butler United States racer grimaces while skiing the course during the first week of Mountain Meisters at Cranmore Mountain Wednesday. As usual you can go directly to the data site yourself and protest. You can find the link at the www. Okay the results! For the girls first place goes to, who else, Kelli MacDonald, captain of the Face Plant team, with a time of For the men, we had a tie for first-place — the time of In second place, or third if you must, with a time So now we move on to Week 2 and we are hoping for the weather Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 to show up Thursday.

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We use a restoration process using a 3M product that brings most headlights back to like new condition. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 7: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States today and accounts for over 80, deaths in this country each year.

It is also Slovenia sex pussy of the most common medical conditions encountered in a primary care setting. And, it is one of the most preventable.

COPD is a complicated lung disease typically caused by exposure to tobacco smoke, although environmental exposure to certain toxins can also cause the condition. Over time the components within inhaled smoke damage the lungs, leading to a significant degree of inflammation, excessive mucous production and scarring of the lung tissue itself.

Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 elasticity of the lung tissue becomes impaired, Dr. Brian Irwin leading to trapping of air within the lungs after each breath. All of these factors collaborate to cause the symptoms of COPD.

Patients with COPD typically experience shortness of breath which worsens with disease progression. Chronic cough, sometimes productive for mucous, and wheezing are common.

As the disease progresses, the severity, frequency and duration of symptoms increases as well. Trapping of deoxygenated air leads to over inflation of the lungs, which in turn contributes to shortness of breath. Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 unfortunate reality about COPD is that there is no cure. However there are a number of effective treatment options for sufferers of COPD. Inhalers are the mainstay of medical therapy for COPD, with short acting airway dilator medications being among the most commonly used.

These are effective at opening the airways and allowing air to flow in and Sex dating in Fluvanna of the lungs with less obstruction. These medications are largely considered rescue medications, to be used when wheezing and shortness of breath occur. Longer acting airway dilators Temple texas adult dating also frequently used to treat COPD, especially in patients who need their short acting inhalers frequently.

Another class of medications known as anticholinergics are also frequently used in conjunction with airway dilators. In more persistent cases of COPD, where symptoms are moderate or severe, inhaled steroids are often prescribed to decrease inflammation. These medications have been shown to decrease the frequency of hospitalizations from COPD. Should symptoms become very severe, the administration of oral steroid pills or even IV steroids may be used. More than half the time, these exacerbations are accompanied Hlusewives a bacterial lung infection bronchitis and antibiotics are indicated.

COPD is not always preventable, however over 99 percent aakefield all cases are. Be proactive today in order to protect your lungs for tomorrow. Women suffering from incontinence or pelvic pain can get NewHampehire through physical therapy with Barbara Byers and the new Housewives want sex East wakefield NewHampshire 3830 equipment.

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The new massage table is heated to help with relaxation and has moveable arm rests as well. The table can also move to a semi-sitting position wskefield the leg section can also be raised. The semi-sitting position is especially helpful for people who may not be comfortable lying flat.