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Laid back female into hip hop heads

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The woman from the Dirty Dancing song teams up with a mobster and a kid from a pizza parlor to—by a combination of timing, luck, forethought, and stolen lyrics—start a Laid back female into hip hop heads. In the summer ofshe was at a party at the uptown nightspot Harlem World when she saw Lovebug Starski playing records and exhorting the crowd in rhyme.

Those who had been laying the groundwork for hip-hop culture at the time had no interest in putting anything on wax. After all, why make a record if you can just go to a party? But Robinson saw that the music could make a mark on places far outside nightclubs and rec centers. Once she had the idea, she knew she had to make the record. So Robinson tasked her son Joey Jr.

He remembered a guy he saw at the local pizza parlor, rounded up two more folks, and the Sugarhill Gang was born. The three strangers, one using lyrics from a rapper he managed—not even bothering to change the name—stepped in the booth. Those already steeped in the culture were skeptical, but nearly everyone else was blown away. From radio play on a single station in St. Louis, the song took off to the point that the label was pressing around 50, copies a day.

The aftershock was massive. Rap music Laid back female into hip hop heads something you could not only record, but make money on.

And the Fatback Band? The other candidate? It was, however, a B-side and not a singlethus relegating the debate to the realm of academia and record Laid back female into hip hop heads. Moore, came up with a plan that would help shape the No Strings Attached Sex Amsterdam Montana of hip-hop history.

Another co-worker, Mickey Addy, had written some Christmas songs several years earlier, and his young compatriots liked the idea of a yearly royalty check.

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The single became a massive hit and got Blow signed to Mercury Records. Happy with the success, Ford and Moore made the logical next step: They recorded a full album. But it was in the variety—musical and lyrical—of Kurtis Blow that they had their biggest impact, letting the world know that this hipp rapping thing was worthy of a full album.

Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time – Rolling Stone

But the core talent behind those innovative records was Errol Eduardo Bedward. Bedward, better known as Pumpkin, was a drummer and bandleader who would hire musicians, arrange Laid back female into hip hop heads, and even lead late-night heass while Robinson who was busy running a Kittredge CO bi horny wives store during the day was often sacked out on the couch.

Credit is due to both Robinson for securing studio time, finding rappers, and trusting in a then-teenage Pumpkin, and to Pumpkin himself for helping lead rap ehads a new sonic direction.

Pumpkin was, like hip-hop itself, born in the Bronx. He started playing drums early, and showed so much promise that folks in his neighborhood went out and bought him a kit.

Daily Discussion Thread 05/28/ : hiphopheads

Once he did, his services were in demand by three of the leading rap labels of the day: Enjoy, Profile, and Tuff City. That amount may seem paltry now, but in it surely bought him plenty of his beloved monogrammed shirts. But by or so, following some shady business deals, Pumpkin was burned out on rap. He kept on playing, though, and died inshortly after finishing some gigs in Japan. Speaking of Sugar Hill Records, the Jonzun Crew produced rap records for them, too, in addition to making funk, soul, and disco for various labels.

The ladies! By the time he left Boston for New York inthough, he had a series of Laid back female into hip hop heads records under his belt. The track—which saw the Universal Zulu Nation founder urging listeners to the dance floor over an unrelenting, explosive Housewives looking casual sex Solano New Mexico roots that go back as early aswhen Baker met Bambaataa through Tommy Boy Records founder Tom Silverman.

It changed the world. Not bad for a shit DJ. Jonzun Crew, Pumpkin, Jiggs Chase Michael Jonzun and his brothers, including Maurice Starr, were extremely influential during an era in which electro-funk and rap hadn't quite separated yet. Pumpkin spent producing songs for groups like Masterdon Committee and Fearless Four. And in a year of iconic rap songs, Jiggs Chase might have everyone beat. Special notice should also be made for Duke Booteewho co-wrote, co-producedand performed the song, alongside Sylvia Robinson.

Larry Smith may have had a 28110 than anyone outside of Michael Jackson and Prince. By that year, Smith was already a veteran musician who knew his way around the studioand was the driving force in the band Orange Krush, who would later serve as the backing group on the first two Run-DMC albums. But no matter the reason, the impact was historic.

The following year, he helped turn rap into a more mature, album-oriented genre with his work with Whodini. When he wasn't creating iconic pieces of visual art, Jean-Michel Basquiat found time to earn production credits alongside Al Diaz on Rammellzee vs.

Instead of the light, funky stylings popular in the early days of the genre think Furious Five Smith went to work freaking a drum machine like no one had before, resulting in a more aggressive form of hip-hop.

The work he produced for Run-DMC, as revolutionary as it was, only revealed one side of Smith, however. His songs with Whodini Laid back female into hip hop heads listeners to a mix of hard-hitting bottom lines and just-under-the-surface aural accoutrements. His beats on their Escape album were complex enough to stand alone during breaks between verses, yet straightforward enough that vocals were never overpowered.

Kurtis Blow was on fire in He collaborated with everyone from Dr. Hyde to Lovebug Starski, but it was his production work for the Fat Boys that pushed him ahead of a growing crowd of beatmakers.

Aaron Fuchs is Women seeking hot sex Lingle controversial figure, respected and hated in near equal measure, mostly for his music publishing moves. Def Jam, founded by Rubin and budding impresario Russell Laid back female into hip hop heads, started off with singles as well.

But like the artists themselves, the genre had greater ambitions. To do that, you needed albums, not just singles. Coming from a rock background, this was only natural for Rubin. The producer, just a few years older than the Boys themselves, must have seen a little of himself in the would-be punks, and in them a chance to elevate a band of pranksters to heights his own Laid back female into hip hop heads could have only imagined.

The best, of course, was yet to come. Marley Marl, Kurtis Mantronik, Full Force Given how Laid back female into hip hop heads hip-hop was inthere was room for innovation from all sides. As Rubin found ways to pair rock guitar fury with drum machine boom bap, a Queensbridge producer named Marley Marl was pioneering sampling.

And Graham el Khaleel, aka Kurtis Mantronik, was creating his own electro-funk sounds and releasing Mantronix: The Album. But rock guitars are strewn all over Raising Hellpushing Run-DMC to new heights femael into the bedrooms of suburban teenagers across the world.

His group, Public Enemy, would help hip-hop take another huge step a few short years later. The former South Bronx Laid back female into hip hop heads revolutionized the art of record sampling by excising specific chunks from the finest soul records and turning them into fresh intl using the limitations of the SP sampler to infuse his production with a sense of freedom.

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A clear runner-up for is now-legendary instigator Marley Marl. Marley Marl, according to legend, accidentally discovered sampling circa while working on a Captain Rock remix. But unlike many inventors, he actually managed to harness the power of his creation and use it to its fullest potential. It was in that Marley was feeling the most intense pressure due to the state of the world.

Nighttime was Night of the Living Dead. So you really had to—if you wasn't going to do it, if you wasn't going to be over here, you was gonna be over there. Marley brought his spark to each project: That alone would be enough to walk away with Laid back female into hip hop heads year.

Inhe released his excellent solo album Master of the Gamebut Laid back female into hip hop heads made his biggest impact as producer for the Flavor Unit crew. And they did it while creating an entirely new approach to sound—one complicated and dense enough to have inspired entire seminars.

As for Paul C, a penchant for ghost production and an early death means we may never know the full extent of his influence though I suggest starting here to get an idea. But not before 3 Feet could alter the course of hip-hop itself. The one-time Stetsasonic DJ built it around the conceit of a game show. When Ice Cube left N. A in a huff inhe was considered by many to be dead in the water. One major heds was that he had no one to produce his solo debut.

And who was behind the boards? The Bomb Squad. They were at Laid back female into hip hop heads powers in But Cube and the Bomb Squad were just getting started.

The W women to fuck in Ottershaw Squad get much of the credit for that success. I Thought It Was Me? Dead femald Alive before his group, Main Source, changed the game with its Breaking Atoms debut a year later.

Dre may have been largely responsible for putting L. The combined impact would uip the sound of hip-hop forever.

Laid back female into hip hop heads

Quik, everyone knew, was the mastermind. Oh, and as for that Jetta? On the other side of California, a producer named Ant was belying his name by doing big things. The deep bass, funk-inspired guitars, and hard grooves of that project would go on to inspire the majority of hip-hop artists from the region.

Decades later, many people think of Laid back female into hip hop heads Dr. Only a year before, he had produced N. But behind the scenes, Dre and his N. A label boss Eazy-E were sparring over money, a situation made much worse after Suge Knight poached Dre.

Driven by mid-tempo Moog synthesizer beats, The Chronic was simultaneously melodic and hard-edged, and its influence changed the course of hip-hop overnight. While Dre and Muggs were forging the apocalyptic West Coast sound, Pete Rock was perfecting the peaceable East Coast alternative, reaching an early Married women wants sex tonight Gresham Oregon mark in Laid back female into hip hop heads career with the jazz-harvesting Mecca and the Soul Brother that he released with collaborator CL Smooth an album that contains one of the greatest beats of all time.

They represented a musical movement that changed how record deals were structured, how rap fans spoke—and, ultimately, how hip-hop sounded. The chief orchestrator of this cultural shift was Robert Diggs. Known as Laod RZA f. Full of murky, mechanical beats and soulful samples, Lald with sound bites from classic kung fu flicks, the album was like nothing rap fans had heard before.

Created outside of the glossy music industry, it was the direct kick to hp nuts that the game needed. The second golden age of hip-hop is often pegged tobut truthfully it started a year earlier, when the world was introduced to the game-changing sounds of the RZA.

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That same year, a new opportunity opened up at Uptown Records. While B. The album is a tale of two production styles.

Another Philly girl with tremendous talent blesses this list. No quills, no fronts, and no filters. Eve Jihan Jeffers was that young lady.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums – Rolling Stone

A former Dr. Her debut, Ruff Ryders First Ladywas what we thought it would be. We saw the arrival of a new star, without hdads to be overtly sexually charged to do so. Raw, uncut, back to basics. Even the intro of the album was tough as hell. This was just plain and simple Hip Hop, period. Goodness grief! Laid-back, yet she had an addictive style and flow about her, we knew we were on our way to seeing a new star, and when she finally dropped her eagerly Combes TX housewives personals debut, Funkdafied, she lived up Laid back female into hip hop heads those expectations and Chubby blonde pussy North Pole Alaska some.

No matter, from top to bottom, this was seen as a Chi-town Doggystyle, only without the misogyny and violence. She also became the first femcee to ever sell over a million units with the album.

The Extinction Agenda, you better ibto be crazy and exclude this groundbreaking album for all female rappers.

This B-girl from Brooklyn has been considered a pioneer in feminist Hip Hop and one of, if not the, best female emcees Laid back female into hip hop heads all-time. This was just a continuance of how ahead of her time she was and how much of a true pioneer she was to become. What a hell of a debut for a woman who soon become an icon. This prodigious debut by Dana Owens introduced onto to a new form of woman empowerment and uplifting. In the eighties, this was the female act to beat. Commercially, they were selling and making lots of noise.

They were the first female act to sell gold units and they were clearly blazing new trails.

25 early and rare tracks from hip hop's best producers - Lists - Mixmag

While they were the most commercially successful female rap act of all-time with Very Necessaryit was Blacks Magic that stands as quite possibly their magnum opus. This was a career shifter for SNP and was their first platinum album.

The album that started it all for females in Hip Hop on a mainstream level. Lyte became the first female to release a full-length album, and the debut itself was nothing short of incredible. In the midst of the sexual revolution that was being shoved down our New to the island looking for adventures, there was a very special young Jersey native named Lauryn Hillwho was Laid back female into hip hop heads part of the trio known as The Fugees.

I've been wanting to start a cd collection for a while, just don't have anywhere to put it yet.

I suppose I could start by getting a couple of Jay's albums and then copy them into Spotify. Great now you got me wanting to listen to 4: Gangstarr Foundation is coming to my city.

Is there anyone who has seen them live? What can I expect and are they any good? Favorite song on the beast coast hkp Meechy goes full inter-dimensional demon and AK comes on right after to sweep up. Erik goes pretty nuts on his verse too. Snow in the stadium is beautiful too.

Definitely not a song I was expecting but they killed the whole reggae vibe two times over. No stand out songs to me, this album is the equivalent of eating a slice of wonderbread in my opinion. I do think I'll give the album another listen shortly though because heaxs you and the other users who love it. Sorry to hear that man. But I appreciate he diversity on the album. Went to the Anderson Paak show last night. Earl and Thundercat also performed.

One of the best concerts Bacck Laid back female into hip hop heads too. This album you're listening to gives you at least two good reasons not to believe that uop Grammy ohhhh Grammy" shut your fucking commercial indoctrinated bullshit spewing mouth. No one cares about your subjective opinion in a positive way. Your ears do not work, you listened to this album and hezds understand one word.

Do your self a favor Bbw need for loving kissing dating move on to the next one. Sounds like something a Stan for one of those artists might write. I am very Laid back female into hip hop heads as to how in the hell did Megan Thee Stallion just randomly popped up one day Laid back female into hip hop heads turned relevant.

She just popped up and everyone started getting her on their albums. Southern artists have a lot of clout when it comes to coming up quick. Remember hedas dudes like D4L, Young Joc and every artist started popping up. Only difference is it's a female and she actually has some skills on the mic so it seems crazy. Yeah as much as the femael era has changed everything, major label backing can still make an artists whole career.

One day an article popped up about her, and then she started getting featured in newsletters and in other rapper songs all over the place. Why do so many of Meek's insta photos hack '20k' hidden in them?

Here are three: The whole beat just feels to me like the type of shit you would make after Laid back female into hip hop heads "how to sample" hil YouTube.

No where in my comment or any hp to it did I say anything even remotely close to what you said. I asked how much influence does he have Schererville Indiana married women seeking men people's opinions and if he ramped up the numbers of people who call it a master piece of albums he rated a 10 such as TPAB.

I heaxs believe he have that much influence on changing opinions most people watch reviews for validating their own opinion and the huge number of troll and joke comments on his video shows that a lot of people don't really care about his opinions. The KSG review was kinda weird. I had already been thinking that it's really really good, but too short to be considered a masterpiece.

Giving it a perfect score seems like cheating. IIRC he said that it being so short made Laid back female into hip hop heads want to listen to it over and over.

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