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This little missive is to keep from that, to protect both of us chicsk the flood of feelings and affection and Looking forastoner chicks. Same school w4m The Rangers on the 4th, I was working and you came up to my booth with your mom.

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So I know its been said before on here about amillion times, but seriously I have never met a stoner girl. And it makes Lookign upset cause iknow their out there.

So if you are leave a comment so i have some hope: No big deal or anything. My girlfriend used to hate that I chucks, but slowly but surely I turned her to the light side and now Looking forastoner chicks smokes with me Looking forastoner chicks every day.

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Damn i was about to say the exact same thing. You dont need to find a stoner girl.

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Just Make a stoner girl --Bigd I really hate that stigma about stoner girls. My ex-boyfriend Looking forastoner chicks that it was very unladylike. I didn't know that getting high had a gender. D maybe they are just not telling the truth.

My trouble isn't finding one I've found lots!!! And actually interested in me for more than the fact that I always have bud.

Cuz you don't know how it feels I'm a girl and Looking forastoner chicks stoner. I don't understand why stoner chicks are so rare; I know a fuckin ton. RIP BM. Guys that don't smoke see stoner girls as intimidating and weird.

But for those of us that smoke we find stoner girls as intriguing, magical, Looking forastoner chicks, and just darn cute Keep tok'n girls! Woah, that's not true, stoner guys would take stoner girls over straight-edge girls any day, it's the straight-edge guys who might not be attracted to stoner girls.

It's pretty much to the point with me where I won't date someone who doesn't smoke Hell my girlfriend has to at least be ok with it or we wont get along, and as for the guys that say it is "unlady like", yall are morons. If i had to choose between stoner and non-stoner girls i would pick the stoner girls every time Looking forastoner chicks sure.

I'm a stoner girl, dreads and all: Just Looking forastoner chicks.

Explore Sophia's board "stoner chicks" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cannabis, Followers. Board owner. Follow. Look as Ben Franklin's face though . So I know its been said before on here about amillion times, but seriously I have never met a stoner girl. And it makes me upset cause iknow. If you're looking for friends as well as dating, High There's large user base is Why it works: High There! is often said to be the "Tinder for weed.

Yes, yes. Agreed there needs to be more of us out there.

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