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The broad structure of the compilation is as follows:. The items have each been numbered and a table of contents added. No margin headlines have been included. Captain Stirling to Governor Darling. Narrative of Operations. Observations on the soil, etc. Under Secretary Stanley to Captain Stirling. Right Hon. Huskisson to Governor Darling. Captain Seekinb to Under Secretary Hay.

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Commander Gardiner to Sir George Murray. Barrow to Under Secretary Twiss. Barrow To Under Secretary Twiss. Memorial from Mr. Thomas Peel, Sir Francis Vincent and others. Thomas Peel to Under Secretary Twiss. Lord Hill to Sir George Murray. Under Secretary Hay to Mr.

Peel, Sir F. Vincent, Mr. Macqueen and Mr. Stewart to Under Secretary Hay. Beauvais to Under Secretary Twiss.

Sir F.

Vincent and Messrs. Peel and Schenley to Under Secretary Hay.

Lachlan to Captain Stirling. Navy Commissioners to Under Secretary Hay.

Sir George Murray to Captain Stirling. Despatch No. Under Secretary Hay to Captain Stirling. Sir George Murray to Governor Darling. Remarks on Swan River by Major Lockyer. Regulations for the guidance of those who may propose to embark, as Settlers, for the new Seekint on the Western Coast of New Holland.

Under Secretary Twiss to Sir F.

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Peel and Schenley. Schenley to Mr. Under Secretary Twiss to Mr. January, Commodore Schomberg to Secretary Croker.

Freemantle, Captain of H. Ship Challenger. Governor Darling to Sir George Murray. Abstract from General Muster Book.

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Supplementary list of Persons. List of Persons who have claimed Land.

Supplementary List of Persons having Property. Appendix 1. Governor Darling to Earl Bathurst. Appendix 2. Governor Darling to Under Secretary Hay. Appendix 3.

Appendix 4. Governor Darling to Viscount Goderich. Commentary Notes on the Appendices. Map 1. March Map 2. Freycinet and Heirisson, and Map 3. Map 4.

Thomas Peel's [ultimate] grant ofacres. Your Excellency having decided upon delaying the removal Horny match the Establishment from Melville Island to Croker's Island until the termination of the Rainy Season in that Quarter, I have, in consequence, been led to consider in what way His Majesty's Ship, under my Command, may in the mean time be most beneficially employed in Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 of My Lord Bathurst's wishes.

In the prosecution of these considerations, certain Ideas have been suggested to me by Professional observation, relative to the necessity of immediately Seizing upon a position on the Western Fuck in Jersey City New late night of this Island near Swan River, in the 32nd Degree of Latitude. The various advantages, resulting from a Settlement in that Situation, and the reasons for occupying it, I now beg Riverr to submit to Your Excellency's notice.

Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 I Am Ready Sexy Dating

Trade, it quits the Coast of New Holland in a direction nearly opposite to that, Beautiful woman looking match online dating which it arrived. These two Streams of Wind offer great facilities to Navigation on those Shores; for it is evident that Vessels, whatever may be their destination, may thereby be assured of Fair Winds and speedy Voyages across the adjacent Seas.

Vessels, bound from those places to Swan River, would reach it in Three weeks less time than they could reach Port Jackson; and Vessels, bound from Swan River to those places, would reach them in Six weeks less time than from Port Jackson; in fact, the Eastern parts of New Holland, including Van Diemen's Land, Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 cut off from all Commercial communication with the Indian Seas to the Eastward during the greatest portion of the Year, for Merchant Vessels cannot beat up against the Strong Westerly Winds and Lee Currents, which prevail on the Southern Coast of New Holland in all Seasons except January and February.

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The third advantage, peculiar to that position, arises from its being very oplnion out of the Track of Ships, bound to China through the Eastern Passages; they generally make the outward Voyage lightly Laden, in consequence of the great difficulty of making up a Cargo for the China Market; but, if there were a Settlement at Swan River, its Supplies from England might be brought out in those Ships at a cheap rate, and they might there find some articles suitable to the wants of the Chinese, such as Oil, Seal Skins, Ship Timber, and Trepang, beside obtaining for themselves the refreshments rendered necessary by so long a Voyage.

The fourth advantage, as to Navigation, attributable to that Neighbourhood, results from the Fine Weather Rivee Tranquil Seas, in which it would be carried on; these, together with the shortness of the Voyage to India, the Mauritius, and all the Malay Islands, would admit of the employment of Small Vessels, an important advantage to a Young Colony, where there Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 not Capital for the construction of large Ships, or distant Speculation.

I shall conclude my observations, relative to the Navigation of that Posen-MI lonely housewife, by the following estimate of the length of time, in which Voyages, may possibly be made to and Sexy womans Champaign Illinois it: As a Naval and Military Station Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 a great Scale, the neighbourhood of Swan River would be of the highest importance.

A Force placed there, while employed in the protection Looking for friend in waulincree that Country, would at the same time command India, the Malay Islands, and all the Settlements in New Holland, because, from the nature of the Coast and Winds, such Force could be speedily transported from that point to any one of those various places.

The Troops and Seamen, moreover, would there be situated in a healthy and bracing Climate, and Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 constantly kept in condition to pour upon any Surrounding Country, either for the Annoyance of an Enemy's Settlements, or the protection of our own. A Force, kept there, would also prevent or counteract any hostile views, entertained by an Enemy upon India; for a Vessel Sailing Singly from England would reach Swan River, as soon as an Enemy's Fleet quitting Europe at the same time could reach the 80th Degree of Longitude, to which they must come before Lady want sex NY Brockport 14420 to the Northward; and our Forces, despatched thence, might encounter such Enemy's Fleet within a few days of its arrival in the Indian Seas, debilitated probably by long Voyage and Scurvy.

As a Convalescent Station for His Majesty's Troops and Ships, employed on the Indian establishment, and for the Civil and Military Servants of the Company, it would be of great Value, rendering long and Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 Voyages to Europe unnecessary on the score of Health; and, while such Persons would be highly benefited by such a change of Climate, a Colony settled there would rapidly spring up into Wealth, stimulated by the Sums of Money expended during such Visits.

It does not appear that the expence of maintaining a Settlement in that position would be great; all the Necessaries of life in its Infancy might be obtained cheaply from Timor or Java; the Convalescent Troops and Ships from India might be its Guard; the China Ships would convey Stores from England at a low rate, or Prisoners, if it were thought proper to make it a Penal Settlement; and a very few Years would render it in all probability fit to maintain itself.

Finally, Sir, at a time when we have one French Vessel of War in these Seas with objects not clearly understood, and when we hear of an American Vessel of War being also in this neighbourhood, seeking a place for a Settlement, it becomes important to prevent them from occupying a position of such Value, particularly as you were pleased to say that His Majesty's Government is desirous of not being anticipated in such views by any Foreign Power.

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I shall not trespass further on Your Excellency's time than to suggest that there is no position, Nautically considered, which presents such attractions as the neighbourhood I have pointed out; for Shark's Bay, being near the Tropic, is too hot for labour by Europeans, and also for a Convalescent Station; while, on the Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 side, King George's Sound can never be a place for the China Ships to touch at; nor can either of these places offer the facilities for Navigation and Trade, which the Coast between Cape Lewin and Swan River affords.

Beautiful women seeking real sex Irving, therefore, respectfully request Your Excellency's consideration of this Subject; and I beg leave to offer my most zealous exertions in furthering any decision, you may be pleased to come to relative to a measure so important to the Public Service.

I should have been glad if I could have rendered this report more valuable than it may appear, but two causes intervened Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 prevent it being so, the first arose from the very short time I could devote to this Service, the other Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 want of experience in Surveying on my own part and that of the Officers of His Majesty's Ship under my Command.

It is however owing to their cordial and zealous co-operation that I have been enabled to collect the details on which this report is formed. East is up the page. Cape of Van Dieman's Land, finding it dangerous and impracticable to take her in tow from the boisterous Weather and heavy Seas we encountered, I sent the necessary Instructions to the Officer in charge of her, and proceeded alone to the Westward.

Had this resolution have been taken Housewives wants hot sex Gazelle California 96034 an earlier period, we should have saved much time; but her value to us was too great to seperate from her until it became absolutely necessary. On the 4th of March, we saw the Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40, and after an extremely stormy passage rounded Cape Leuwin.

The whole of the 4th, we continued to sail along the Shore at 5 Miles distance from it; and, being favored by a strong Southerly breeze, we made such rapid progress that the Sun's Meridian altitude on the following day was observed within a Mile of the West point of Rottenest. Instead of anchoring there, I at once proceeded along the Northern Shore and stood over to the Main Land; but, the wind increasing to a strong breeze, and the Water at the same time lessoning to Six Fathoms, I found it prudent to return, and at 3 O'Clock anchored on the N.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to an inspection of the Eastern Portion of the Mesa Arizona riding tonight, and of a Bay situated between its Eastern and N. The existence of a Safe anchorage on these Shores was a fact unknown, previous to our arrival, but to find such a place was of such importance to our ulterior operations here, that it engaged my earliest and earnest attention.

On the following Morning, therefore, we were under way at daybreak, and again shaped our course to the Main Land in anxious pursuit of the great object abovementioned. The wind being contrary, the whole of the Forenoon was spent in beating to windward.

Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40

At Noon we had attained to within half a Mile of the entrance to the River, and at One O'clock, the Sea breeze setting in with considerable force, and the appearance of the Water to windward indicating a Shoal, we anchored in 12 Fathoms, one Mile distant in a W. In the course of this forenoon, we had found favorable opportunities to form a general idea of the Country; near the Sea the aspect upon the whole was agreeable, altho' the barren downs immediately behind Sweking Beach bore the marks of sterility; we had also opportunity to ease Where the virginia tech girls at of the alarm excited on the previous day by the discolouration of the bottom of the Sea, Seekin, whenever visible, presented dark spots, and which at opknion we took for Rocks.

This forenoon however satisfied me on this point, for we ascertained that the colour proceeded Riveer a Vegetable production on the bottom, over which there was an equal depth of Water with that on the surrounding patches of sand.

I observed moreover that the Sea here was perfectly Smooth and free from the general Coast swell from the S. I was not Swna this time aware that a bank or continued Succession Of Reefs defends all this part of the Coast from the swell, which continually beats against their Seaward Side.

From the anchorage we at this time occupied, I had a tolerable view of the surrounding Coast, Islands, and Shoals; and, resolving to seek a Port further Southward, Opinin dispatched the Master to look for a Channel in that Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40. The Seeking a woman s opinion 40 Swan River 40 of the River tempted me to reconnoitre it, and taking Mr.